Patricia Cafferty, Research Director.
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Email  | Phone: +44 (0) 203 747 9970

Patricia is qualitative researcher and communications’ strategist with 25 years’ experience working in Europe and North America.

She brings international experience on top flight clients, a proven track record in building great client relationships, a passion for understanding what really underpins consumer behaviour and how her insights can be used to drive client and business success. She is definitely not a stereotypical “backroom” research-type; on the contrary she demands to be on the front line.

Patricia has lived and worked in the UK, US, and Ireland. Recent clients include: Skype, HSBC, Focus Vision, Molson Coors, Musgrave, SSP, Coca Cola, and Dorset Cereals.

For the last 12 years Patricia has been running a very successful strategy and research company, Original Strategy & Research Partners (OSR), alongside two partners, and numerous associates and collaborators. The company recently sold an innovative online research tool to TNS, one of the world’s leading research companies. She was intimately involved in this process, and now that it is over it seemed like a good opportunity to take on a new challenge. Therefore, she has joined Research Stories.

“My favourite story is The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen, it is an epic story of one very dysfunctional American family. The characters are not at all likeable, but are very real. Their sentiments and the dialogue used to express them is so honest, it is refreshing and original.”