We collate, illuminate and make sense of information to provide actionable insights and direction for organisations in the UK and internationally.

We work with clients to understand the attitudes and behaviours of their customers and  stakeholders, to respond to market and competitive changes and to take advantage of opportunities through brand building, marketing, New Product Development and organisational change.

We offer insight, research and analysis. We draw on vast experience as research and insight professionals from within both agency and client-side organisations and across multiple sectors. Our areas of expertise include market insight, customer segmentation, brand building and NPD, communications, stakeholder management and reputation research.

We work in sectors including retail, travel, food, education, culture and leisure, government, not-for-profit.

We believe passionately that the link between market data and action-orientated insight for organisations is through the telling of compelling, evidence-based stories. By providing a coherent narrative to our work with clear conclusions and recommendations we help clients to understand their environment and apply learning to improve strategy, decision-making, and communications.


Image © Lyn Roseaman