Providers in the culture, heritage, sport, tourism and leisure sectors increasingly operate on a global basis and need to be attuned to international as well as local markets.

Stakeholders that we survey in the UK and internationally have included the general public, visitors, customers and members, opinion leaders,  and more.

Our work is wide ranging and includes exhibition evaluation, market profiling, audience development, visitor profiling, branding, research to inform strategic decision making,  programmes to evaluate membership/customer engagement and loyalty, and thought leadership.

We provide our clients with market insights, an understanding of their customers and the issues they face and  deliver actionable insights. Ultimately, we see research as a means to help increase the effectiveness of the organisations that we work with.

A range of qualitative and quantitative techniques (on and offline) are used depending on the specific challenge. We also carry out additional analysis where appropriate to provide deeper insight, for example developing segmentations or undertaking key driver and regression analysis.

Case study: Understanding what makes the UK attractive »

Image © Lyn Roseaman