Tracking the reputation of an international homewares retailer

The client challenge: Homewares retailing is a dynamic sector and building good relationships with key stakeholders can engender real competitive advantage. Our client wanted to explore and better understand how it could meet the needs of key stakeholders and improve its engagement with them: track its reputation and engagement with key stakeholders and set targets for improvement.

Our approach: We worked with the client and an agency to identify their priority targets to approach. We then conducted in-depth interviews by telephone using a semi-structure approach, achieving an excellent response rate.

Client benefits: We were able to develop a tracking tool for our client and establish benchmarks on key measures of reputation and engagement from which they could set targets for improvement.

Our approach provided our client with a better understanding of its reputation and the effectiveness of its communications, in a competitive context. It also delivered insight into where improvements could be made and guidance to inform its engagement strategy.