Find out more about our study on the international student customer journey

International student choice and decision-making

We are currently undertaking the fifth wave of our annual survey among new international students at UK Higher Education Institutions with the ongoing support of the British Council and the GREAT/Study UK campaign. This survey explores the student customer journey, decision making process and the UK’s perceived competitive strengths and weaknesses as a study destination. We had very good engagement from the sector in previous years, with up to 4500 respondents from 70+ participating universities.

Research Stories - Why the UK 2018We very much appreciate the ongoing support from UK universities. We will be in touch directly in regards to the new wave of the research with institutions where we have direct contacts. If your institution has not participated in previous years or you wish to find out more about the research directly, please don’t hesitate to contact Gyongyi Incze.

Participation is completely free and requires simply sharing a link to an online survey with new international students registered at your HEI.

Each participating institution will receive a free summary report with opportunity for in-depth analysis by institution, national group etc.


Contact Research Stories to express interest in the research asap.

Below is the indicative timeline of the research:

  • Fieldwork: November 2018 – February 2019
  • Student winners notified by end of February 2019
  • Summary headline reporting available by end of April 2019

What is the benefit to your institution?  

This is a unique opportunity to get valuable insight into your student base. You will receive a report of the headline findings free of charge (see sample report here). In addition, there is an opportunity for institution specific analysis, depending on the number of respondents from your institution.

What is the benefit for the students?

Participating students will be given the opportunity to enter a prize draw to win 2 iPad Pros, worth £750 each.

How does it work?

Simply contact us and we will provide you with a link to the online survey which you can share with your new International students via your own communication channels.

There are no data protection issues as we will not have access to your students’ details.

Any personal data collected will be with the consent of participating students and will be used only to identify the winners of the prize draw. Research Stories abides by the Market Research Society (MRS) Code of Conduct and we are corporate members of the MRS. All our research is undertaken with GDPR in mind.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries or to request the survey link.